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Very firstly a great tribute to Ravi D Channannavar sir.

Because you have inspired and been inspiring more than thousands of school children, college students, IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS, KAS, KPS, PDO, PWD, FDA, SDA, PSI, constable and as well as all other competitive exam aspirants, all other Police personnel which includes all different ranks of Police hierarchy like.. Commissioner, DGP, IGP, SP, Dy.SP, DCP, ACP, Triple, Double and Single Star Inspectors, ASI’s, RSI’s, CAR/DAR, Reserve Police, Cyber Police, Traffic police, Civil Police, Wireless Police, Head Constables, constables, Guards, Forensic and all other respective Police sectors and other departments  and all kinds of people through your efficacious  fluent Kannada, invoking and inspiring speeches, efficient style of working, implementation, execution, deployment, strategies, mannerism, unique style of initiating awareness, striking ideas and plans, thoughts, ethics, principles and contentment you have for your sincere, punctual and loyal service (not work) is what more makes a                                                          

Ravi D Channannavar Quotes
Your Mind Is Everything. What You Think; You Can Become.

You stand before a microphone without preparation ( with preparation i usually fail to speak; as per you told) with the bare hands; with knowledge, enthusiasm, spirit, confidence and courage – you roar like a tiger; with the flow you incline to wake up thousands of young minds who are still sleeping and yawning.. Very inspiring, motivating. awakening, realizing and striking words !!! Splendid work.. #Ravi D Channannavar*

Ravi D Channannavar Quotes
If you are clear in your mind you can achieve anything.

The main factors which influenced more on Ravi D Channannavar to be what he is..

  • Ramakrishna Ashram, Gadag.
  • Sri Nirbhayanand Swamiji, Gadag.
  • Swami Vivekananda and his principles.
  • His poor family background.
  • His hard-work, dedication, interest and perseverance.
  • Strong desire, imagination.
  • Confidence and zeal.
  • His appetite of becoming an IAS officer.

Sri Nirbhayanand Swamiji of Ramakrishna Ashram, Gadag.

Ravi Channannavar is 703rd on UPSC list

HUBLI: When in primary school, he would skip school frequently to work in a farm to earn money for his family. During his school and college days he worked as an agricultural labourer, and in a theatre, bar and restaurant.

This is the story of Ravi Channannavar (23), a native of Neelagund village in Gadag taluk, who now stands tall having attained the 703rd rank in the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission(UPSC). This migrant labourer’s son has now shown what dedication and hard work can achieve.
Born into a family of agricultural labourers belonging to the backward Valmiki community, Ravi, would have becoming a school dropout but for his schoolteachers who sensed his potential. .And true to their belief Ravi stood first in SSLC examination scoring 87 per cent.He worked while studying for his Pre-University Course at Gadag to meet his educational expenses and family obligations. He first worked at the Mahalaxmi Theatre in Gadag and later at a brandy shop. In spite of the odds, Ravi scored 89 per cent.
After enrolling for B.A. at Karnatak Arts College in Dharwad, Ravi continued his regime of working and studying. He used to work at the bars from 6 p.m. to midnight. He passed B.A. scoring 79 per cent.Though Ravi wished to do his postgraduation at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, he was encouraged and guided by Sri Nirbhayanand Swamiji of Ramakrishna Ashram at Gadag, Prof R.S. Patil, industrialist Subhash Sasvihalli and Assistant Commissioner of Dharwad Mahantesh Bilagi to take the Civil Services Examination.

In May 2007, Ravi left for Hyderabad to attend coaching classes for the IAS examination. He chose an institute that fitted his pocket and began preparing in earnest. Today his efforts have borne fruit. “There were many people who looked down upon me because of my family background. But if you are clear in your mind about your goal, there are always people to help you and encourage you. You should have the determination to succeed,” he told The Hindu over phone from Hyderabad. Ravi who has been successful in his first attempt at the UPSC examinations is again preparing for the preliminaries as he has set his eyes on IAS. His present ranking and reservation might get him into the IPS.

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